The King and I - May 08



Casting Director  
James Orange, CDG  
Children's Casting Director  
Ellie Collyer-Bristow, CDG  
Production Manager  
Richard Bullimore  
General Manager  
Joanne Benjamin  
Company Manager  
Howard Jepson  
Stage Manager  
Patrick Stanier  
Deputy Stage Manager  
Anne Baxter  
Production Photographer  
Matthew Murphy  
Assistant Production Manager  
Tom McEvilly  
Assistant General Manager  
Sarah Cant  
Assistant Stage Manager  
Josh Chalk, Jack Conway
Lucy George, Emma Shortland
US Assistant Director  
Sari Kettner  
UK Assistant Director  
David Siebert  
US Associate Set Designer  
Mikiko Suzuki MacAdams  
US Assistant Costume Designer  
Patrick Bevilacqua  
UK Associate Costume Designer  
Yvonne Milnes  
UK Associate Costume Supervisor  
Fiona Parker  
US Associate Choreographer  
Greg Zane  
UK Associate Choreographer  
Emma Woods  
US Associate Lighting Designer  
Karen Spahn  
UK Associate Lighting Designer  
Alistair Grant  
UK Associate Sound Designer  
Ken Hampton  
US Hair & Make-Up Designer  
Tom Watson  
UK Hair, Wigs & Make-Up  
Campbell Young Associates  
Fight Director  
Jonathan Holby  
US Dialect Coach  
Kristin Flanders  
UK Dialect Coach  
Daniele Lydon  
Dance Captain  
Rachel Jayne Picar  
Fight Captain  
Nick Len  

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