Eurydice - February 18 - February 20, 2021

Poudre High School

 End Notes 

Director's Notes

Eurydice is a play about death, but it is also about rebirth. It is about the pain of growing up, but it's also about the power of being able to choose your own future. It is about resillience and confidence. It's about what the young people in this cast and crew have been living with and living in for the last year. It's about the very real fear they have endured, and the choice to not give in to it.


I am so proud of the work they have done over the last 6 weeks, but really over the last year. When we cancelled this production last spring, I promised that we would restage it if at all possible. Of course, that's not a promise I can keep. It was up to them to come back, accept a different reality, and commit to the work. Thank you to the cast and crew for finding courage, hope, and light in a place of fear and darkness. 


I am grateful for these students, especially the seniors: I pushed them really hard on this production, and they chose to rise to the challenge. I am grateful for the students on the technical and costuming crews, whose job is hard enough without having to deal with distancing! I am grateful for my colleagues, this school and this community. I am grateful for my family.  I am grateful that we can begin again, in our own small way, to Create, after a year of destruction and dispair. Like Eurydice, we have hope and we have choice and we have action. And after a year in the Underworld, we choose to rise again.


Here Forever,


February 13, 2021


P.S. People who make their living in the theatre have not been able to do their work in a year. I'm hopeful that we are heading towards a time when the theatres, concert halls, and dance companies can reopen their doors and turn on their lights, but I think we all know that will be the last step of our recovery. If you can donate to struggling theatre companies and theatre professionals, please do. I'm partial to this one:


Costumer Snippets

There are always unique challenges when costuming each production. This show happened to incorporate the costume craft of mask-making in a big way!
Thank you to our brilliant costumers for their extraordinary work on the ideas and masks for this show! They stepped up to this conceptual, sculptural (and often messy) project in a truly exceptional way. Amazing work overall from all five of you!
Ms. Kari

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