Puffs - February 17 - February 20, 2022

Poudre High School

 Who's Who 

  • Parker Vanden Hoek* head shot

    Parker Vanden Hoek*

    as Wayne Hopkins

    Parker Vanden Hoek plays the role of Wayne Hopkins. He was also the King of France in Is He Dead?. He is a senior at Poudre High School and has participated in other activities, such as Cross Country. He is looking to go to college either in Colorado or California to pursue film.

  • Aexea Allen head shot

    Aexea Allen

    as Oliver Rivers

    Æxea Allen is a senior, plans to gap-year in Europe after graduation, then hopes to attend college somewhere there! They enjoyed playing Pinocchio in Shrek the Musical Jr at Lesher, but Oliver is their PHS-théâtre–début. Æxea loves art – including, but not limited to: drawing, constructed-language–making, cooking, D&D, and poetry. DFTBA!

  • Harriet Marcus-Bause head shot

    Harriet Marcus-Bause

    as Megan Jones

    Harriet Marcus-Bause is a freshman at PHS she has been known to be a hard worker. She is dedicated to her work and spends her time strengthening her skills. Harriet has been performing since she was three, often involved in ballet shows, plays, musicals, and vocal concerts. This is Harriet's second show at Poudre; she is ecstatic to be performing.

  • Avery Hough* head shot

    Avery Hough*

    as Narrator

    Avery is thrilled to be a part of such an amazing company. This is her ninth show at Poudre, and was most recently seen in The Little Mermaid as Sebastian. She'd like to thank everyone who helped her get to where she is today and hopes you enjoy the show!

  • Adia Spezza head shot

    Adia Spezza

    as Ernie Mac & A Very Tall Man / Seamus / A Certain Potions Teacher / Professor Turban / Ghost History Teach / Professor Locky / Mr. Nick / Sal / Second Headmaster / Real Mr. Moody

    Adia Spezza is actively involved in PHS theatre. She performed most recently in The Little Mermaid. She has also performed in multiple productions at Bas Bleu Theatre, Debut Theatre and companies in New Mexico, Texas, and Florida. Some of her favorite productions have been: Final Dress Rehearsal, To Kill a Mockingbird, Annie, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

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