Romeo and Juliet - April 28 - May 01, 2022

Poudre High School

 End Notes 

DIrector's Notes


One of the unique joys of theatre is the collaboration. You can’t do theatre alone. While so much of life and society are firmly fixed on the individual, theatre focuses on the ensemble, the Company. What we make is so much more than the sum of each individual’s contribution. It’s miraculous. I am honored to be a part of this company. Thanks to the cast and crew for trusting me and trusting their work, for taking this journey with me and letting go of your fear to make your show happen. Remember: that little voice lies.


I have been blessed with such incredible collaborators: creative and exciting artists who dream with me and work so hard to bring those dreams to life (or, at the very least, they humor me and smile politely when I come in with some new ridiculous plan!). A year ago, I sat in the gym and listened to Chris Leonard’s percussion ensemble and thought how cool it would be to have live percussion accompaniment to the production. He loved the idea and composed all the music for this show. I went to Kari Armstrong and asked if we could dress everyone in white and draw or project words from the script onto them. Her eyes got big and her minds started working. I told Laura Lencycki I wanted a white box with projections and she worked with the students to learn cutting edge projection software and technology. I have crazy ideas, but these are the artists who make them real. I am so grateful to be able to work with them. I am overwhelmed to call them friends.


Thanks also to new collaborators, who brought new understandings and visions to this production and taught this old dog some new tricks along the way. Thank you to Amelia, Matt, Lily, Sierra and Alec for their wonderful work with our students and their expertise, generosity, patience, and effort. It is a joy to work with you. A special thanks to Bennett Stucky for stepping in to save the day.


I want to acknowledge the efforts of the Assistant Director and Stage Manager. These students took on the leadership of this production (maybe more leadership than they anticipated) and brought their passion, energy, and responsibility to a pretty new and young company. Avery and Marissa, thank you for 4 years of theatre excellence. It has been a joy and an honor to watch you grow.


Romeo and Juliet was scheduled for Spring of 2020. I know this pandemic is far from over, but in a way this feels like the end of a long pause, like the completion of an unfulfilled promise. Here’s what we can learn from Romeo and his Juliet: there are almost daily opportunities to avert tragedy, if we are looking for them and we are bold enough to take action. But we must be steadfast, courageous, and willing to fix it when we screw it up. It has for too long been a time for fear. Now is a time for bravery. Thank you, students of the Romeo and Juliet company, for being brave.



April 2022


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