Now. Here. This. Flexible Version - November 13 - November 21, 2020

Preble High School


Creating a completely virtual show wouldn't be possible without the following people (along with many others too numerous to name):


To the original student pit orchestra for Now.Here.This.: Emily Metcalf, Franklin McIntire, Makayla Rickard, and Grant Servais. We love you! 


•To Preble Music Dept Alumni Brady Johnson, Evan Metcalf, Nolan Naniot, and teacher Mrs. Susan Romey for stepping in and stepping up when the pandemic prevented our student pit from meeting in person.

•To Valerie Loughney from Ad/Smith, Inc. for designing our poster, cast t-shirts, and social media graphic.

•To all of the parents and families, for allowing us to bring the rehearsals and performances into your homes.

•To Mrs. Kim Meader for creating piano practice tracks for students.

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