Jekyll & Hyde - October 20 - October 29, 2023

President William McKinley High School


This year's production combined the unique and varied talents of over 100 students, staff, and communty members. The entire ensemble would like to say a big mahalo to the following:


-Mr. Ron Okamura, principle, for his continued support not of just this production, but of all the arts and programs here at McKinley High School.


-Our administration with their assistance and support of our students and staff members.


-Our school's teachers and staff members who make a hug impact on our students


-The entire custodial staff for their help and patience with our rehearsal and performance needs.


-Our campus security for keeping us safe


-Mr. Bernal and his crew for helping with our ambitious set design


-Ms. Lacy for all the printing needs


-Mr. Wilson for his quick painting skills and assistance


-Mr. Markowsi for our photo shots


-Mr. Yamagata and our culinary program for our additional concession choices


-Uncle Rockne for his continued support of the students and the rides to our various sites of shows


-Much mahalo to Go Tours Hawaii for their generous patronage of our students


-Windward Community College's Hawai'i Conservatory for Performing Arts and their stage combat expertise from Nicholas Logue & Kat Lee


-Windward Community College's Artistic Director Taurie Kinoshita for her continued support for our budding program needs


-Mr. John Cummings, III for the props from last year and this year's show


-JC for his tech support


-Mr. Takata for his vocal and mad piano skills


-Mr. Nakamoto and the pit orchestra for doing this difficut music performance


-Donations from Wayne Paakaula, George Hanzawa, Benny Rietveld, and many more!


-Jenn and Amarrah for their endless time and efforts to keep our selves on track and making us look great


-Mr. Kim for lending us his wife for countless hours for months on end


-Our family and friends for the huge support and love for all that we do. We can't thank you enough

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