The Pilot Who Crashed The Party - April 08 - May 07, 2023

Public Works Improvisational Theatre + Paul Sand Projects

Public Works Improvisational Theatre

& Paul Sand Projects 





written & directed by Paul Sand 





Debra Lane

 Yennie Lam 

Ellen Cooper 



Jacqueline Wright

Lee Boek

Claudia Ferri

Francis C. Edemobi

Sol Mason


Marcia Lynn Anthony

Chris Rorrer

Scott Victor Nelson 



Scenic Design 

Jeff G. Rack 

Costume Design 

Linda Muggeridge 

Lighting Design

Azra King-Abadi

Sound Design

Shoshana Kuttner 

Projection Design

Fritz Davis 

Fight Choreography

Emma Bruno 

Stage Manager

Anna Kupershmidt


Lucy Pollak 

Assistant Director

Alex Hogy

Social Media

Brandon Ganske


Paul Andrade

Graphic Design
Louis D'Amato


Public Works Improvisational Theatre   & Paul Sand Projects



Producing Partners

Amanda Weier

& Derek Manson



Director's Note:

"While growing up in the theatre world as young man in Chicago and NY, I would notice fellow actors, without failure, would eventually say to me: “You remind me of me”. "We're very much alike."


This would begin to go further into assuming that I thought like them, that we like spending our private time the same way.  I later learned it’s called projection. This can get a guy in trouble. I’d always sort of agree with them by saying something like…”Really?” Happens in relationships a lot. “You’ve CHANGED!"

I’ve been thinking about and writing this play off and on for many years. Then during our global pandemic I figured out how to do it. I discovered this projection stuff was nothing but trouble.

You’re about to watch what I’ve come up with so far."


~ Paul Sand