The Oedipus Cycle - January 16 - January 23, 2021

RIOT Theatre Boosters


The LSHS Theatre Department would like to thank the following people for their help in making The Oedipus Cycle possible:


Karen Kraft, Principal of LSHS (and incredible supporter of ALL the Fine Arts.  She is an Amazing Boss.)

Keith Tolleson, Associate Principal of LSHS (Many of the logistics of the show would not be possible without him. We are truly thankful for his leadership and guidance.)

Brook Fesco, Assistant Principal of LSHS (And who LSHS Theatre directly reports to. We are thankful that she puts up with all the things that come out of Theatre.)

Richard Balling, Jody Brown, Abby Cole - Assistant Principals of LSHS (and all part of the AMAZING LSHS Admin team who keeps everything working here.)


The LSHS Counseling Dept. - who keep students (and teachers) sane during these times.

Dr. Jennifer Ftizpatrick - The English teacher who has helped us with EVERY SINGLE SHOW since she joined the LSHS staff.  Our productions are that much better every time because of her input.

Mrs. Christina Wagner - Who helped with the electric cello and violin. 

RIOT Theatre Boosters - They help in so many ways, including ordering costumes and props at the last minute to pull the show off. 


Preston Hazzard, Cade Butler - FISD Fine Arts Administration who gave guidance and support to get all this off the ground during a COVID age.

Steven Doherty, Brent Reese - FISD employees who are working with Theatre to try and figure out a way to get ALL of this accomplished. These gentlemen have been able to help the process in all aspects of live streaming and ticketing.

Justin Rushing - FISD employee who is in charge of all the low-voltage systems (read: sound and lights) of the ENTIRE FISD district - every Elementary School cafeteria, every Middle School cafetorium and gym, every High School Auditorium and Gyms, and all Athletic facilities. I have been alongside Justin for 16 years here in the district, and I truly appreciate his work.


Finally, Last, but certainly not Least, our wives Christie and Kristen, and our families (Quint, Keira, and Brady) who support us through all of this Theatre Stuff that we do for the students.

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