The Oedipus Cycle - January 16 - January 23, 2021

RIOT Theatre Boosters

 End Notes 

In “reality”, the production you see tonight is a class play - produced by the Production and Technical Theatre classes of LSHS. We rehearsed only five times after school outside of Hell Week, when a true mainstage production would have a minimum of 24 rehearsals. Instead, the students worked VERY hard in-class to bring this production to you.


So, to those of you who are physically present here tonight - thank you for being here.  It doesn’t work if there isn’t an audience.  For those of you who are live streaming - thank you for the support.  It won’t have quite the same impact for you, but at least you can see all the hard work the students have done.


I do hope you enjoy our take on this ancient tale.  This is the most student-led production of LSHS Theatre in the last five years - the students have truly taken ownership of the whole production from beginning to end. I am so proud of what they accomplished.


Thank you for joining us in Thebes.


Mr. Bucher

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