Newsies - August 03

RPS 205 All-City Theatre Camp


RPS Theatre Camp Parents & Families


Kathy Ludtke

Nicole Lilly

Kathy Ludtke

Clint Little

Amber Jarrett

Jasmine Loendorfe

Laterrance Reaves

Nicole Jordan

Madason McLelland

Coleman Geoen

Rin Katsumata

Carter Bouchard

John White

Nate Wolf


Laura Palacios

Travis Woulfe

Kim Frayne

Mona Thornton

Karen Frayne

Brian Doering

Bonnie Spurling


Jack Moore

Eddie Unich

Hope Cantwell

Scott Hoel

Kate Larson

Stepheni Woods


Victoria Benson and RVC Starlight Theatre Costume Shop


Scott Remer & RPS Sterling Holley Print Shop

RPS Distribution & Truck Drivers

RPS Food Services











The Summer 2018 RPS Theatre Camp

is made entirely possible through the 

Healthy Community Investment Grant

in partnership with Rockford Public Schools.

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