Mayhem and Murder -

R-ACT Theatre Productions


Cast Members  
Vito Capicolla  
Conrad Bianco  
Bebe DuBois  
Cindy Fernandez-Nixon  
Tennessee Slim  
Danielle Lang  
Frankie Maroni  
Eric Armstrong  
Rudy Fairbanks  
Troy Geruschat  
Lulu Swanson  
Valerie Boyce  
Sister Sarah O'Shaughnessy  
Janet Lynn Hutchinson  
Sergeant Patrick O'Hara  
Larry Spinnenweber  
Carey Carothers  
Production / Creative  
Cheryl Crabb  
Assistant Director  
Tammy Van Evera  
Producer / Props Mistress  
Veronica White  
Costume/Makeup Mistress/Tech  
Shantih Bianco  
Set Construction  
Conrad Bianco  
Bill Bruce  
Marketing / Website / Playbill  
Carey Carothers  
Graphic Artist  
Kris Hurley  

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