The Book of Liz - August 02 - August 10, 2019

R-ACT Theatre Productions


Cast Members  
Reverand Joshua Tollhouse, Visil Kamarovski, Duncan Trask  
Bill Mackaly  
Sister Elizabeth Donderstock, Brother Hesikiah  
Amy Joseph  
Brother Nathaniel Brightbee, Yvone Kolobko, Donny Polk, Rudy Bruton  
John Basinger  
Sister Constance Butterworth, Oxana Kolobko, Karen Smythe, Ms. Yolanda Foxley  
Jenn Rian  
Cecily Cole, Dr. Barb Ginley  
Pamela Miller  
Production / Creative  
Vicki Mann  
Assistant Director/Stage Manager  
Conrad Bianco  
Technical Director  
Shantih Bianco  
Light Operator  
Larry Spinnenweber  
Sound Operator  
Dave Holoweiko  
Costume Designer  
Shantih Bianco  
Set Designer  
Conrad Bianco  
Carey Hutch  




Present day, somewhere in North America.

Presented with a 15 minute intermission







Special Thanks


Brad Mckinnis - Technical set up, Janet Lynn Hutchinson - Head of House, Shantih Bianco - Poster Design, Tim Piper - Promotional and Playbill Photography

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