Honk! JR. - March 17 - March 18, 2023

R.P. Connor

 Who's Who 

  • Avery Greeley head shot

    Avery Greeley

    as Ugly

    This is Avery’s final show at R.P.Connor. She has done in the past Dear Edwina , Could you hug a Cactus, Bye bye birdie, and Willy Wonka. When she is off stage she enjoys playing softball, dancing, swimming and singing

  • Elloise Kendall head shot

    Elloise Kendall

    as Ida

    Elloise Patricia Kendall is in the 5th grade and has been participating in RPC Theater since she was in the first grade.  Elloise enjoys acting, singing, sports like soccer, basketball, and snowboarding, doing art and playing with slime.  She wants to thank her family for their love and support as well as everyone in "Honk Jr" for making this such a memorable experience for her last year at RPC.

  • Luke Gutterman head shot

    Luke Gutterman

    as Drake

    This is Luke's 5th play at RPC.  When not on stage Luke plays ice hockey.  He also watches his I pad and enjoys many sports like basketball, snowtubing, soccer and baseball. Thank you to my mom for helping put together this play

  • Ali Heraghty head shot

    Ali Heraghty

    as Cat

    Ali is so excited to have a role in her third play! She was in the chorus for "Willy Wonka," played Riley in "How To Hug A Cactus," and is thrilled to be playing The Cat in "Honk Jr.!" In her free time, Ali loves to play with her cat, Milo, binge watch Dance Moms, and hang out with friends. When she grows up, Ali wants to be a teacher like her Mom and Dad. Ali is thankful for Christine and Alexandra for always encouraging her and telling her that she is a great singer. She also thanks everyone in "Honk Jr. for such a great last play experience at Connor! 

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