The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee - November 18 - November 19, 2022

Reading Sr High School


The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee  
The Rules  
Mr. Panch, Company
My Favorite Moment of the Bee  
Ms. Peretti
My Friend, the Dictionary  
Olive, Company
The First Goodbye  
Mr. Panch, Spellers
Mr. Panch, Spellers, Mitch
I'm Not That Smart  
Leaf, Spellers, Mr. Panch
The Second Goodbye  
Panch, Spellers
Magic Foot  
William, Ms. Peretti, Company
Pandemonium (Reprise)/My Favorite Moment of the Bee 2  
William, Ms. Peretti, Company
Prayer of the Comfort Counselor  
Mitch, Mr. Panch, Spellers
Chip's Lament  
Woe Is Me  
Logainne, Carl, Dan, Company
I'm Not That Smart (Reprise)  
I Speak Six Languages  
Marcy, Ms. Peretti, Girls
The I Love You Song  
Olive, Her Parents, Mr. Panch
Woe Is Me (Reprise)  
Logainne, William, Olive
My Favorite Moment of the Bee 3  
Ms. Peretti
William, Olive, Company
William, Chorus
Ms. Peretti, Chorus
Finale/The Last Goodbye  
Ms. Peretti, Company



Video or audio recording

of this production is strictly prohibited.


The show will be performed WITHOUT an INTERMISSION


The Spelling Bee runs about 100 minutes in length.

Please visit the restrooms and concession stand

before and after the performance.

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