9 to 5: The Musical - January 11 - January 12, 2019

Red Oak High School Theatre


Crew Members  
Stage Manager  
Aviery Boone  
Asst. Stage Manager/Lighting Technician  
Olivia Bass  
Sound Technician  
Jessica Pisana  
Backstage Run Crew  
Colton Perdue  
Fly Rail Operator  
Miriam Rogowicz  
Lighting Assistant  
Marco Martell  
Backstage Manager  
Hannah Hallenbeck  
Spot/Stage Crew  
Ethan Robinson  
Head Spot  
Omari Crocker  
Sound Assistant  
Emma Wooley  
Run Crew  
Courtney Jackson  
Sound Assistant  
Amaya Draper  



A Very Special THANK YOU to the

CTE Construction Technology Class

and Doug Wuerch for all of your

hard work on our set!



Set Construction Crew

Tyrone Cason, II
Kain Cooper
Dillon Dyson
Carlos Flores
Jacob Roman
Bryce Shockley
Andrew Zendejas

Doug Wuerch
Construction Technology
CTE Instructor
Red Oak High School

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