26 PEBBLES - May 07

Rhode Island College Theatre


Crew Members  
Assistant Editor  
Marisa Lenardson  
Script Supervisors  
Madison Perez & Perry Barkett  
Camera Operator  
Madison Perez  
Boom Operator  
David B. Connors  
Lighting Board Operator  
Alexander P. Sprague  
Wardrobe Supervisors  
Perry Barkett & Madison Perez  
Clapper Loaders  
Madison Perez & Perry Barkett  
Rehearsal Assistants  
Rudy Corsi, Jinxy Corsi & Maple Walrad  
Poster Design  
Makayla Holahan  
Faculty Directing / Acting Advisor  
Casey Seymour Kim  
Faculty Technical Advisor  
Jon Rosa  
Managing Director of RIC Theatre  
Nicole Brown Frechette Shaw  
CECS Technical Directors  
Robert Ferland & Jon Rosa  
Box Office Sales and Marketing Manager  
Paul Cotter  

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