Bye Bye Birdie - February 27 - February 29, 2020

Richard P. Connor Elementary School


Thank you to all of the kids in cast and chorus for all of the fun times, hard work and effort they put in over the past five months to make Bye Bye Birdie what it is today. ~ Karen, Jinu & Stacy


Congratulations to the cast and crew on this years performance. Mayor Ed Markunas


Thank you Sam, Camille, Samantha & Melina for everything you do for the production. It is great to see young adults your age give back to the students of RPC. ~ Anthony 


I would like to extend a well deserved word of thanks to Larry Bekerle for his unselfish & Continued Support on Behalf of the RPC Theater program. ~ Ira 


Thanks to  Anthony, Melina and all of their assistants for their help making the RPC students shine! ~ Karen, Jinu, Stacy


Thank you Kelly Benadi for all your support & enthusuiam for the production and always checking if we need anything. ~ Anthony 


Thank you and great to work with you again- goes to my assistant & shlepper, Joe Verboys. Couldn't do it without your expertise & commitment. ~ Ira 


THANK YOU to all of the family members who helped with costumes, sets and chaperoning, helping on Show days to make this show possible. ~ Karen, Jinu & Stacy


THANK YOU Jinu, Karen & Stacy. You are great moms & amazing producers. You make sure that all 51 students are taken care of, not just your own. You are truely selfless & I could not have done this without you! ~ Anthony 


Thank you to my Granddaughter, Skylie for her vision, energy, & involvement in such a special endeavor. Thank you to my wonderful wife for her unending support & understanding. ~ Ira


Thank you to Sarah & Barbie for being the unoffical Chorus moms & helping us with everything they need. ~ Karen, Jinu & Stacy


Finally, we want to wish all our 5th graders best of luck in everything they do once they leave the RPC stage. ~Karen, Jinu & Stacy


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