Bye Bye Birdie - February 27 - February 29, 2020

Richard P. Connor Elementary School

 Who's Who 

  • Lennon Conklin head shot

    Lennon Conklin

    as Hugo Peabody

    This is Lennon's 3rd year in the RP Connor play. He had a blast in past years performing in SEUSS and WW. Lennon lives in Suffern with his parents, little brother & new kitty! He enjoys playing his video games and hanging out with his friends. It has been a great time for Lennon playing Hugo in this year's play!

  • Sarah MacDonald head shot

    Sarah MacDonald

    as Ursula Merkle

    Sarah loves acting in the plays at RPC. She played a munchkin in WOO, a monkey in SEUSS, and a candy kid in WW. Sarah loves gymnastics, baking and hanging out with her friends.  She would like to thank her mom, dad, brother and dog for supporting her in her last play at RPC!  

  • Maclaine Murphy head shot

    Maclaine Murphy

    as Mayor

    Maclaine AKA “Lainey” is making her acting debut in "Bye Bye Birdie." A 5th grader, Maclaine loves cooking and baking and hopes to own her own restaurant someday. She would like to thank all those in "Birdie" for making her feel welcome in her first stage experience and sends love to her family for their support during this adventure.

  • Jaiden Salo head shot

    Jaiden Salo

    as Mayor's Sister

    Jaiden is gracing the stage for the second time in her acting career. A 4th grader, Jaiden loves basketball, soccer and reading books. Jaiden is grateful to her family for their love and encouragement throughout this experience. She would also like to thank all those in "Birdie" for making this a wonderful adventure during her first year at RPC!

  • Neveah Frazier head shot

    Neveah Frazier

    as Gloria Rasputin

    Neveah has been in the play for 5 years and has had loads of fun.  She loves that this play is so different from all the others.  She couldn't ask for a better director than Anthony. She is so excited she got to be dance captain and help teach all the dances.

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