You Can't Take It With You - November 18 - November 19, 2016

Ridge High School


Thank you to:

   *   Betsy Bacot-Aigner – Photography

   *   Liz Bagnato, Steve Breslow, Megan Falduto, Chrissy Lind,
          Kim Matarante – Publicity

   *   Mary Carpenter-Kupsch – Playbill ad sales

   *   Jim Hamant – Graphic design and printing of posters

   *   Reyne Juechter – Chair, concessions

   *   Joanne Johnson – Chair, “Hugs & Kisses”

   *   Michele Franck – Chair, tech week cast/crew dinner 

   *   Angie Alexander – Chair, cast/crew strike party

   *   The Abubakar family – Bagels for "Super Saturday" rehearsal

   *   Silvia Garcia, Denise Segal – T-shirt distribution

   *   Ann Sobine – Administrative support

   *   Drama Boosters Board

   *   Parents of cast and crew for all the support

   *   Parents who volunteered their time to make the play a success!!


 Thank you RHS Administration!

   *   Supervisor of Fine & Performing Arts: Mr. Michael Fackelman

   *   Principal: Mr. Frank Howlett

   *   Assistant Principals: Dr. Gina Donlevie, Ms. Kathleen Dusebout, 

          Mr. Scott Thompson, Mr. Thomas Thorp



Congratulations, seniors!!

    Shameen Abubakar                                          Matt Matarante

    Divya Agrawal                                                    Danielle McGuire

    David Alexander                                                Michael Napolitano 

    Alex Bagnato                                                      Anna O'Brien

    Neel Bains                                                          David Olson

    Anthony Ballaro                                                 Sam Prentiss

    Hannah Becker                                                  Roy Silberstein    

    Maddy Casey                                                     Michelle Singer

    Kyle Ciarfello                                                      Rohin Verma

    Abbey Farina                                                      Christian Van Werven

    Sebastian Foreman                                          Shelby Wong

    Jenna Juechter                                                  Avi Zucker

    Greg Lartigue



Apologies to anyone who was omitted inadvertently.
We appreciate your efforts!

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