Silent Sky - January 23 - February 01, 2020

Ridgefield High School


Cast Members  
Henrietta Leavitt  
Lucy Basile  
Margaret Leavitt  
Charlie Ward  
Peter Shaw  
Liam Huff  
Annie Cannon  
Jessica Hay  
Williamina Fleming  
Audrey Huff  
Margaret Leavitt  
Evie Briody  
Peter Shaw  
Reed Koh  
Annie Cannon  
Lilliana Matte  
Williamina Fleming  
Nandini Kalani  
Crew Members  
Stage Manager  
Shane Jaeger  
Lighting Crew  
Ellory Hankla, Maiki Muursepp, Jonah Pereyra
Sound Crew  
Ava Cowles, Dennis Dowding, Emma Joyce
Makeup Design  
Kaitlyn Mitchell  
Costume Assistant  
Patricia Lourenso
Volunteer Coordinator  
Deirdre Basile, Trieste Matte
Box Office  
Jim Munson  
House Manager  
Kathleen Smith  
Concessions & Merchandise  
Renee Fozouni  
Publicity & Playbill  
Mary Joyce  
Playbill Advertising Sales  
Aryn Cluney, Sandy Carpenter  
Tanya Jaeger, Robin & Bing Liem
Photo Displays & Lobby Decoration  
Tanya Jaeger, Robin & Bing Liem  
Poster & Advertising Design  
Michelle Briody  
Website Manager  
Carolyn Parker  


Thank you to everyone who volunteered after this Playbill went to print.

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