Annie Jr. - December 09 - December 10, 2022

River Homelink


Crew Members  
Set Building and Stage Crew  
Micah Chumbley  
Set Building, Sound Tech, and Publicity  
Dylan Feigner  
Set Building, Sound Tech, and Publicity  
Oksana Gomez Hilman  
Spot Light, Prop Creation Team, and Programs  
Holly Ihasz  
Olivia Isse  
Prop Manager, Prop creation team, Stage Crew  
William Kuch  
Averi Mason  
Costume Design/Creation Team, Prop Creation Team, Publicity, and Stage Crew  
Ashlyn Mosgrove  
Costume Manager Assistant and Costume Design/Creation Team  
Rachel Prather  
Set Building, Stage Crew, and Pudlicity  
Judah Richardson  
Costume Design/Creation Team, and Stage Crew  
Amelia Rippl  
Set Design Assistant, Set Building, Lighting Design, Sound Tech,and Programs  
Ethan Shaffer  
Prop Creation Team  
Nathaniel Strawn  

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