Disney's Beauty and the Beast - April 11 - April 14, 2019

River Ridge High School


The River Ridge High School Administraion

Dr. Toni Zetzsche - Principal

Assistant Principals: Heather Ochs, Ron Bruno, Jessica Meek & Janene Sullivan


Our Mighty Ladies of the Front Office

Christine Panobianco, Maria Cardenas, Theresa Townsend, Kathy Jones & Lisa Aitken


The Equally Mighty Ladies of the Media

Ann Laroue & Linda Nowicki


Fine Arts Department

Qasem Abdel-Hadi, Jenna Blair-Simon, Julianna Diesel, Christopher Greco &

Cynthia Zozaya



Dawn Odom, Mike Carlson, Ann Laroue, Abraham & Annette Knowles,

Michelle & Clay Reiche, Jennifer Cheek, Tom Werner & Pro-Copy,

Greg & Jennifer Harvey, Todd Vanselous, Chris Cavazza, Brandon Boniol,

Mike Shurtz, Bryan Lankston, Samantha Smith, Brandon Mauro & Diana Rogers


Richard D'onofrio, Faith Brooks, Brett Branning (Technical Director),

Tommy Haines (Lighting Designer) and all the crew at 

The Center of the Arts at River Ridge


The deepest of gratitude to the parents and guardians of the extremely talented students involved on-stage and behind the scenes!


The videotaping or other video or audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited.


A virtual version of the program can be found and viewed on any cellphone, tablet or computer at www.playbillder.com. Just put Disney's Beauty and the Beast in the "Show Search" with the 2019 in the "Year" and click on the Playbill for our show!


Farewell to the seniors of The Royal Knight Stage Company and Thespian Troupe 5031. This year went by way too quickly but I hope that I helped make your senior year just a little more memorable.  I will miss you greatly!  Dare to be great always...and in all ways!      -      Mr. O'


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