Dreamwork's Madagascar A Musical Adventure Jr. - January 23 - January 31, 2016

Riverdale Children's Theatre

 End Notes 

Our Mission

Riverdale Children’s Theatre brings together children from diverse religious, cultural and economic backgrounds to learn about themselves, each other and the joy of performing.  We are committed to excellence by providing high quality instruction and production values; diversity through broad outreach to the Bronx and beyond; inclusivity through tuition assistance for low-income families; building community through relationships and partnerships with local artists, institutions, public schools and community centers.

Our Commitment to Kindness

Basic Rules for our Parents and Actors:

1.Be Kind to Ourselves

2.Be Kind to Each Other

3. Be Kind to Our Space

We seek to be positive,

putdown put-downs,

honor our differences,

discover our similarities,

heal any hurts, listen to each other,

reach high for success,

and strive for excellence.

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