G2K... Cinderella Gold Cast - January 11 - January 12, 2019

Riverdale Children's Theatre


Cast Members  
Rosabella Procario-Soler  
The Prince  
Ryan Crothers  
The Stepmother  
Makayla Mastrangelo  
Leila Duffy  
Sarah Coughlan  
The Godmother  
Zoe Slavin  
The King  
Ronan Connaughton  
The Queen  
Ariel Saunders  
The Herald  
Nina Crowe  
Father/Prince's Steward  
Peter Winter  
Townsperson/Royal Guard  
Ido Dayan  
JohnPaul Bros  
Nicholas Clark  
Cheese Steward/Lady in Waiting  
Kayla Kolb  
Dessert Chef/Lady in Waiting  
Isabella Donnery  
First Sister/Lady in Waiting  
Tara Egan  
Second Sister/Lady in Waiting  
Siena O'Brien  
Third Sister/Lady in Waiting  
Zalah Blount  
Figure Skater/Lady in Waiting  
Gianna Dillon  
Studious Sister/Lady in Waiting  
Stella O'Brien  
Town Maiden/Lady in Waiting  
Julianna Mangione  
Town Maiden/Lady in Waiting  
Omer Dayan  
Townsperson/Charles the Cat  
Daphne Bowles  
Townsperson/Mouse #1  
Janae Jackson  
Little Sister/Mouse #2  
Brooke Schwartz  
Daughter/Mouse #3  
Lilianna Martino  
Townsperson/Mouse #4  
Alexis DeMasi  
Little Boy/Dove  
Marlena Epstein  
Uri Dayan  

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