A Chorus Line - High School Edition - January 17

Riverside Unified School District

 Orchestra, Crew, Artists, Creative  

  • Devin Leivas, Backstage head shot

    Devin Leivas, Backstage

    Devin is a 12th grade student at King High School, with a drive for cinematography, theater management, and football. He hopes to study set design in college next year and become a producer for HBO(East).

  • Quinn ONeil-Gainer, Backstage head shot

    Quinn ONeil-Gainer, Backstage

    Quinn is an advocate for Ramona High School's arts program, involved with theater, film production, choir, and dance. Eventually he hopes to become a film student at Dodge Film School at Chapman University.

  • Sebastian Salazar, Backstage head shot

    Sebastian Salazar, Backstage

    Sebastian is a senior at Ramona High School who loves theater and film production. He hopes to go to RCC to pursue filmmaking.

  • Trevor McMorris, Backstage head shot

    Trevor McMorris, Backstage

    Trevor is a sophomore at King High School. He has been involved in theater since a young age and currently works and acts in most of the school productions. He also works with RL Theatricals and Riverside Children’s theater as a tech.


  • Veronica Driscoll, Costume Manager head shot

    Veronica Driscoll, Costume Manager

    Veronica is a senior at North High School with interest in theater and costume design. She hopes to pursue both of these in college in California.

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