A Chorus Line - High School Edition - January 17

Riverside Unified School District


This incredible, collaborative event was made possible by so many individuals and organizations. We are so grateful for so much support and would like to especially thank:


RUSD Board of Education, who championed and fostered the RUSD Arts Plan, which made these events possible. Thank you to all RUSD Board Members and Cabinet. Special thanks also to Dr. Ryan Lewis, Dr. Jamie Angulo, and Kiersten Frausto.


Riverside Fox Theater Foundation, for hosting the VIP reception, supporting the Live Tech program, and helping to foster this extraordinary experience for RUSD students. Many thanks to Cynthia Wright and Julia Bennett.


Live Nation, for mentoring students in the Live Tech program, providing the venue, and all the technical, logistical, and production support. Special thanks to Sean Heitkemper, Jeff Linton, Sean Faustina-Smolak, Ryan Turley, and their teams. 


Riverside Educational Enrichment Foundation, for providing financial support for this production. 


Honors Musical Creative Team, who provided countless hours of dedication, creativity, musicality, and rehearsal time to prepare students for this production. Thank you to Michelle Grotness, Chris Wade, Janie Hilland, and Hannah Wolgemuth. 


Honors Musical Professional Artists, who mentored, rehearsed, coached and/or performed with students. Special thanks to David Scott, Steve Schmidt, Alastair Edmonstone, Lea Steffens, Alex Henderson, Whitley Wasson, Connor Slape, and Sebastian Siojo in the orchestra.  From Musical Theater University, thank you to Alix Korey and Janene Lovullo who provided acting and voice coaching to the cast, and David Green. 


Music and Arts, who provided instruments for these performances.


RUSD CTE Department, for supporting this enriching college and career opportunity for students to experience the breadth of opportunity relating to musical theater. Thank you to Ron Weston, Donna Schulte and Thelma Lowry. 


RUSD Performing Arts Teachers, for shaping, teaching, and preparing students to audition and perform in this district-wide production. Thank you all the theater, music, dance, and choral teachers for their flexibiilty to allow for students to participate amidst students' very busy schedules. Special thanks also to Chris MarkerMorse for building the set pieces; Ronda Barnes for assistance with rehearsal space; Anna Hightower, Jordan Smith, Arwen Hernandez, and Bob Haberader for loaning equipment for the production; and to Dacy Nottingham for providing equipment, technical support and assistance with the Live Tech program.  


RUSD Staff, who assisted with so many logistical details!  A million thanks to Gina Corrow. Thank you also to Norma Barles and Venie Villegas, the teams at RUSD Publications, Maintenance and Operations, and custodial staff at North High School, Poly High School, Ramona High School, and Central Middle School.  


RUSD Parents, who have supported students to participate in this experience and fostered a love of the arts.  Special thanks also to Theresa Savage for assisting with photos and all her additional help. 





Annemarie Guzy

Visual and Performing Arts Specialist

Riverside Unified School District


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