Hairspray - January 28

Riverside Unified School District


  • Marie Azzi, Tenor Saxophone head shot

    Marie Azzi, Tenor Saxophone

    Marie is a 10th grader at Arlington High School and has participated in marching band, concert band, and jazz band. After high school she may join a drum corps or an orchestra, and continue her music career.

  • Jackson Rogan, Trumpet head shot

    Jackson Rogan, Trumpet

    Jackson is a senior at Poly High School and hopes to continue his journey as a musician in college to eventually make music his career.

  • Samuel Crowther, Trumpet & Fluegelhorn head shot

    Samuel Crowther, Trumpet & Fluegelhorn

    Samuel is an 11th grade student at Martin Luther King High School with a serious passion for trumpet and flugelhorn. Samuel will be majoring in music education and hopes to become a band director of his own band or play professionally in a military band.

  • Ian Guarneros, Trombone head shot

    Ian Guarneros, Trombone

    Ian is a 12th grade student at John W. North High School who has a deep love for all things involving music. Ian plans to study trombone performance next year at Riverside City College, and hopes that music will be part of his career in the future.

  • Ramon Madrigal, Percussion head shot

    Ramon Madrigal, Percussion

    Ramon is an 11th grade student at Poly High School. He enjoys playing music and is the front ensemble captain at Poly.

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