Mary Poppins - April 20 - April 28, 2018

Rock Ridge Performing Arts




MISSION STATEMENT: Rock Ridge Performing Arts provides an avenue for artistic development, creative and innovative skill building, and social and emotional growth through a comprehensive theatre arts curriculum.


VISION STATEMENT: Rock Ridge Performing Arts will achieve this by:

  • Providing a rigorous college and career ready program
  • Creating opportunities that foster and build community locally, statewide, nationwide, and worldwide. 
  • Advocating for our students, school, and stakeholders through training, toolkits, and partnerships.


ALUMNI 2016 & 2017 STATS


Scholarships Awarded: $2 Million +

Scholarships Accepted: $505,000

SAT Scores: 180 points higher than the National Average


Attending Colleges: *Northwestern University, *Cinncinnati Conservatory of Music, *Boston Conservatory, *Elon University, Philadelphia University of the Arts, University of Maryland Baltimore County, University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, Virginia Commonwealth University, Long Island University, *New York University, *California Insitute of the Arts, *University of California, Pace University, 


*Indicates a highly competitive theatre, film, or music program 






2018 Virginia Chapter Select - "Aida" - Virginia Thespians 


2017 Outstanding School Award - Educational Theatre Association


2017 Chapter Virginia Chapter Select - "Edward Blank" - Virginia Thespians


2017 - Virginia Theatre Educator of the Year - Anthony Cimino-Johnson


2017 - South Eastern Theatre Conference - "Edward Blank" - Best Lighting Design, Best Use of Technical Elements, Best Sound Design


2016 - Inspirational Educator of the Year - Anthony Cimino-Johnson


2016 - Virginia Theatre Association - 2nd Place "Edward Blank" - Best Male Actor (Luke Harris), Best Technical Merrit, Best Collaboration of All Art Forms 


2016 Virginia Chapter Select - "Ernest and the Pale Moon"


2016 South Eastern Theatre Conference - Grand Champion - "Ernest and the Pale Moon"


2015 - Virginia Theatre Association - "Ernest and the Pale Moon" - State Champions


2015 - Administrator of the Year - Educational Theatre Association - Mr. John Duellman

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