Big Fish: The Musical - December 01 - December 04, 2022

Rock Ridge Performing Arts


Cast Members  
Edward Bloom  
Andrew Takach  
Will Bloom  
Bradley Schraa  
Sandra Bloom  
Kaia Greene  
Josephine Bloom  
Emily Gruessing  
Young Will Thursday Night and Act 1 Sunday  
Brayden Jolly  
Young Will Friday Night and Act 2 Sunday  
Kenneth Gehring  
The Witch  
Mariah Waters  
Karl the Giant  
Jack Capobianco  
Amos Callaway  
AJ Ruhnke  
Don Price  
Simon Bogmis  
Zacky Price  
Kaylie Rivers  
Olivia McMahon  
Dr. Bennet  
Annabelle Monte  
Red Fang  
Jaden Thomas  
The General  
Ethan Terry  
Fisherman & Statue  
Hannah Tyson  
Witch Ensemble  
D'Amora Brunson, Jiya Chadha, Julia Freeman, Hayley Sutton, Annabelle Monte
Josh Bell, AJ Ruhnke, Ethan Terry
Kailyn Fetterman, Kate Rood, Sophia Abousamra
Wedding Guests  
Jiya Chadha, Kevin Zhang, Simon Bogmis
Wedding Staff  
Emilia Scovel , Isabel Bock  
NYC Doctors  
D'Amora Brunson, Isabella Hasbun  
Young Will Shadow Dancer  
Olivia McMahon  
Edward Shadow Dancer  
Hayley Sutton  
Ashton Mayor  
D'Amora Brunson  
Ashton Townfolk  
Isabella Hasbun, Hannah Howell, Kate Rood, Hannah Tyson, Simon Bogmis, Royce Salas, Josh Bell, Kaylie Rivers, Ethan Terry, Pranjal Deshmukh, Mariah Waters, Sophia Abousamra, Jaden Thomas, Hayley Sutton

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