Chapatti - September 11

Rogue Theater Company

 Directors Notes 

(Edited from the original 2022 production.)


Welcome to the world of Christian O’Reilly’s Chapatti! Watching Robin Goodrin Nordli and Michael Elich explore the dynamics between their characters, Betty and Dan, with Robynn Rodriguez’s guiding specificity, was truly breathtaking. I wish I could have filmed our rehearsals and sent these master classes to every acting school in the country. I pleased we were able to reprise it.


Running September 13-October 1, is Circle Mirror Transformation, featuring OSF alumni Vilma Silva, Jeffrey King, Gregory Linington, Kjerstine Anderson, plus recent SOU graduate Thilini Dissanayake. Directed by Robynn Rodriguez, Circle closes a season that has focused on the variations of intimacy that theater presents. We will see the intimate nature and transformational impact of learning about ourselves through those who bear witness. I hope you'll join us, as this play will have you laughing, pondering, and celebrating —all at once—in a way that only live theater can do! In An Iliad, John Tufts “Poet” looks deeply, asks why, and hopes the answer bring change to humanity. With Barry Kraft and the First Folio, we heard the powerful and cherished language of Shakespeare. In Heisenberg, we experienced the back and forth of relationship at its most vulnerable, led by Anthony Heald and Amy Lizardo, with Michael J. Hume directing. 


What’s around the corner for Rogue Theater Company? Our 2024 season announcement! Be the first to hear about our exciting line-up by attending our party on January 6. Details to follow. In the meantime, enjoy!


Lights up!

Jessica Sage, RTC’s Artistic Director


“It’s not the weight you carry but how you carry it – books, bricks, grief –
 it’s all in the way
 you embrace it, balance it, carry it when you cannot, and would not, 
put it down."     ~Heavy by Mary Oliver


Dan lives alone with his dog, Chapatti, named for the Indian flatbread. Betty lives alone with her nineteen cats. Betty and Dan have much in common; a lonely isolation with only their pets for companionship. Their chance encounter is central to Christian O’Reilly’s funny, bittersweet play.

Given the imposed isolation of the pandemic, we are grateful to be working together again--finally! From our hearts we bring you a gentle story of the healing power of love.


Robynn Rodriguez, Chapatti Director

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