Shrek The Musical - April 13 - April 15, 2023

Rolesville High School


Cast Members  
Ensemble, Dancer  
Sierra Atkinson  
Young Fiona  
Cailyn Atwell-Grantz  
Lord Farquaad  
Ian Batten  
Rebecca Byers  
White Rabbit, Ensemble, Dancer  
Tiana Cade  
Paige Cook  
Teen Fiona, Wicked Witch  
Alexandra Cox  
Bishop, Pied Piper, Ensemble  
Joe Crawford  
Big Bad Wolf  
Toby Green  
Mama Bear, Three Blind Mice, Queen Lillian, Dragon's Knight  
Macey Greer  
Young Shrek, Grumpy Dwarf  
Silas Hall  
Ensemble, Dancer  
Aubrei Hatcher  
Ugly Duckling  
Delice Kapini  
Shoemaker's Elf, Three Blind Mice, Dragon's Knight  
Max Keenan  
3 Little Pigs  
Shaniah Kibble  
Mad Hatter, King Harold  
Josh Lieberman  
Journey McCoy  
Adult Fiona  
Katelyn McSwiney  
Captain of the Guard, Puppeteer, Ensemble  
Grace Niesel  
Makenzie Orawiec  
Greeter, Guard  
Grayson Orcutt  
Mama Ogre, Dragon's Knight  
Audrey Robinson  
Saniah Rodgers  
Sugar Plum Fairy/Gingy, Dancer  
Ainsley Rolston  
Papa Ogre, Guard  
Jake Sadler  
Ensemble, Dancer  
Laura Scarpaci  
Thelonius the Executioner, Ensemble, Dancer  
Samantha Seguin  

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