CATCH ME IF YOU CAN - July 23 - August 01, 2021

Ross Summer Music Theatre

 End Notes 

1964, 57years ago, Ross Summer Music Theatre was founded by the   amazing couple Jerry and Margilee Reinhart  and for the   next 46 years Jerry would  continue  to direct and run all   music rehearsals, For the next 5 years he would   continue  to be musical director and consult on other aspects of the show. Margilee was right by his side handling costumes, tickets, and anything else that had to be done to get the show on. When Jerry passed away in 2014, Margilee hung on and continued with tickets and box office till she was about 90. March of 2021 Margilee passed away just two weeks before her 92nd Birthday.  RSMT was on her mind to the end, the week before she passed she asked”What show are we doing this Summer.”

  Catch Me If You Can marks the 57th summer of RSMT and for the first time in that 57 years Neither senior Reinhart will be at the show not to help, not to direct the orchestra, not to even watch.  So the job this cast and crew has set out to do is be the start of next generation, the continuation of the old brought about by the new, introducing people of all backgrounds to the excitem


ent of the Broadway Musical.  It is now our job to keep the touch burning so it can continue to be passed on for the next 57 years or more. 

   So as a cast and crew we dedicate this show to Jerry and Margilee Reinhart for starting something that is somonumental that it will continue thrive long after they have gone and  yet will  always be influenced by them.

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