Chicago - High School Edition - February 17 - February 20, 2022

Rowlett High School


The Rowlett High School Theatre Department would like to thank the following people for their support of our program and our students, we couldn't do what we do without them.



Carmen Blakey - Principal

Lath Staats - Assistant Principal

Rhonda Williams - Assistant Principal

Kimberly Thomas - Assistant Principal

Jena Montgomery - Assistant Principal

Bobby Jennings - Assistant Principal


Joseph Figarelli, Director of Fine Arts

Dr. Michelle Cromer, Coordinator of Fine Arts

Lisa Burkhart, Administrative Assistant, Fine Arts

Karen Caplinger, Administrative Assistant, Fine Arts


Dr. Ricardo López, Superintendent

Dr. Brent Ringo, Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Susanna Russell, Chief Leadership Officer

Lisa Ray, General Counsel


Our GISD Board of Trustees:

Jamie Miller, President

Wes Johnson, Vice President

Linda Griffin, Secretary

Robert Selders, Jr., Assistant Secretary

Larry H. Glick, Trustee

Johnny Beach, Trustee

Daphne Stanley, Trustee


Rowlett High School Fine Arts Directors

Chad Wilkinson - Fine Arts Department Head

David Goza - Theatre Arts Department Head

Luis Salazar - Technical Theatre Department

Byron Holder - Musical Theatre Department

Rico Hamilton - Choral Department Head

Melanie Moore - Choral Department

Rene Lira - Band Department Head

Madison Argo - Band Department

Stefanie Cooper - Dance Department Head

Savanna Fredrickson - Dance Department



Thank you to Watertower Theatre in Addison for providing our students with an educational partnership with a professional theatre company. WaterTower Theatre’s mission is to create innovative, diverse theatre that builds community by fostering empathy and dialogue. 


And last, but most importantly, a great big thank you to our PARENTS and FAMILIES who are there for our students, providing meals, rides, and so very much more. You are truly the wind that keeps us all sailing through the great adventure called theatre. Thank you.

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