Chicago - High School Edition - February 17 - February 20, 2022

Rowlett High School


Act Two (continued)  

The following are guidelines for proper decorum at the theater:


 1. Thank you for dressing for the occasion.

 2. Be on time. It shows respect for the actors on the stage and your fellow theatergoers.

3. Go to the restroom before the show starts, or at the intermission, not during the performance. It will not only be disruptive to persons seated in your row and the rows around you, but also to the actors on the stage. Young actors become upset when they think audience members are leaving while they are on stage.

4. Unwrap any cough drops or candy before the show begins. The only sounds one should hear at a performance should be coming from the stage.

5. Do not fidget. It can be very distracting to persons sitting around you.

6. Keep your shoes on.

7. It is against district policies to eat or drink in our auditorium. Please do not do it.

8. Do not talk during a live performance once it has begun.

9. Take your hat off if you are wearing one that might block another person’s view

10. Respect the space of the persons on either side of you. Try to stay within the boundaries of your own chair; do not take both armrests, and do not take multiple shopping bags with you to the theater, please check them at the ticketing booth before you sit down.

11. Stay awake. Snoring, or leaning your head on a neighbor’s shoulder when you fall asleep is absolutely unacceptable. 


12. Turn off your cell phone. As soon as you sit down, turn off your cell phone and put it away.

13. Do not sing along. Unless asked to sing along by the actors on the stage, refrain from singing, humming, or whistling the tunes you hear.

14. Be appreciative. Do show your appreciation by clapping at the appropriate times, and standing at the end of the show when all others around you are standing.

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