Aladdin Jr. (New) - January 17 - January 25, 2020

Royal Oak Middle School


This production included over 50 students from all over our district who were acting and working on crews . This all would not have been possible without the MANY volunteers who helped us make the magic real, and make this show a reality.


Suzanne Culbertson- Thank you for creating an incredible legacy at ROMS Drama, and continuing to give your advice, guidance and precious retirement free time to us! 


Christopher Nevarez - How can we ever thank you enough for everything you've given us!?! Thank you for loving our program as much as we love you. Our kids have learned so much from your patience and excitement for musical theater. You are a true treasure!


Natalie Johnston - I am so happy that you are now part of the “Dream Team.” You are such an awesome choreographer and our students are so lucky to have learned from you for this show. 


Rick Wessel - You are a true artist and magician all in one. Thank you for taking the helm with our technical designs. You are so fantastic to work with and are a true professional. We always seem to make every show bigger and better, and I can’t wait to work on more in the future! 


Jennifer Gomez - Thank you DEEPLY for coming back and volunteering with us.  We are so happy that you are a permanent teacher here at ROMS, and we love having you backstage with everyone.


Kat Nevarez - Thank you for always being there to fix a problem before we even know it happened. Your ability to keep cool under pressure and anticipate everyone's needs is such an incredible skill for our students to watch and learn. You're amazing!


Felicia Morales - Thanks for coming back AGAIN and designing and fitting costumes for our show, even though your own daughter has already graduated from high school. You are a wonderful, kind, and giving woman.


John Costa - As always, the lighting looks great! Thank you for caring so deeply about your work and always giving so much to ROMS.


Tyler Guntenspergen and Katherine Chahda - Wow. Just… wow. I am constantly in awe of the artistic skills that you both possess. Thank you for giving so much time to this production. 


Kylie Molnar - Thank you for choreographing our tap section. Even from Hawaii you're still part of the dream team!


Michael Williams & Alex Senar - Thanks for being our biggest cheerleaders on campus and saying "yes" to our program so often! Admin like you are precious and few.


Mrs. Debra Tarbox - Your support of the arts in our school and district have been instrumental in maintaining the high quality programs that our students love. Thank you!


Special thanks to Costco in San Dimas for donating to our cast dinners!

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