Elf The Musical Jr - November 18 - November 20, 2021

Rugby Middle School


Crew Members  
Sound Engineer  
Zander Youmans  
Sound Operator  
Wyatt Brittain  
Light Operator  
Carly Hall  
Maddie Fishler  
Liam Shelton  
Crew Member  
Jayden Bowen  
Crew Member  
Beckett Cawlfield  
Crew Member  
Jovie Powers  
Crew Member  
Kirsten Radford  
Crew Member  
Illyria McClinton  
Crew Member  
Ila Adams du Plooy  
Crew Member  
Gavin Swain  
Production Designer  
Isaac Hendrix  
Set Construction  
The Youmanses, The Dales, The Brands, The Ashworths, The Wallaces, The Hendersons, The Gonzalezes, The Hollands, The Guinns, The Meltons, The Joneses, The Morenos

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