Finding Nemo, Jr. - November 16 - November 18, 2023

Rugby Middle School


Prolouge: A New Home  
Sea Chorus
Scene 1: First Day of School  
Big Blue World (Part 1)  
Marlin, Nemo
Big Blue World (Part 2)  
Nemo, Reef Kids, Professor Ray, Marlin, Reef Parents, Sea Chorus
Scene 2: Abduction to Sharks  
The Drop-Off  
Professor Ray, Reef Kids
Abduction/Big Blue World (Reprise)  
Marlin, Nemo
Dory's Ditty  
Fish Are Friends Not Food  
Bruce, Chum, Anchor, Sharks
Scene 4: Meet The Tank Gang  
Where's My Dad?  
We Swim Together  
Gill, Gurgle, Peach, Bubbles, Bloat, Nemo
Scene 5: Journey Through the Sea  
Just Keep Swimming (Part 1)  
Dory, Marlin, Sea Chorus
Just Keep Swimming (Part 2)  
Moonfish, Marlin, Dory, Jellyfish

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