Shrek The Musical Jr - June 05 - June 06, 2021

SGS/HSC Players


Production Team  
Set Design & Construction  
Alyssa Chin
Bill Connell
Costume Coordinator  
Dana LaSelva  
Stage Manager  
Jeff Maskall  
Cara Holzer
Susan McCarthy
Sandra Garcia  
Sound Design  
Alvin Jowers  
Lighting Cues (Alumni)  
Elle Lisner  
Advertising Committee Chair  
Kimberly Darway  
Kisses for the Cast Committee Chair  
Laura Freeman  
Bulletin Board Marquee  
Nikkii Tatum  
Costume Assistants  
Laura Moley
Amy Rice
Set Crew  
Jose Balda, Jeammy Balda, Tara Cogdill, Nate Cogdill, Fuhrnen Esser, Laura Freeman, Cara Holzer, Ray Holzer, Stasha Holzer, Cormac McCarthy, Kevin McCarthy, Susan McCarthy, Emily Russoniello Chris Schwarz, Patrick Shea, Sabina Shea, Molly Smith
Parent Volunteers  
Mary Kate Bozinta, Berthenia Carolina, Evelyn Enamorado, Lucy Esparra, Jennifer Fernandez, Marisol Garces, Laura Molina, Jennifer Mullen,



This last year had a lot of curve balls and getting this set done was just another curve ball. I need to take a minute to thank Mrs. Seggio.  Her usual charge is “it would be cool if…”. This year it was just..”IF…” Before we even got approval to do this show she was seeking out options and plans to get this show done, going back to the summer. I admire her effort in making sure she did everything she could to offer your children some normalcy and tradition.


The extra long break from doing this show made me appreciate what goes on here even more. Mrs Seggio showing up in my swamp asking for help was not a bother at all. Life is all about the story and the people you meet on the way. I enjoy all you parents and the care, intelligence and effort you put into this show and many other shows. Thank you.


Alyssa and I would like Sandra for taking a leadership role on the story book. A unique but predictably audacious set piece that could not get done without her.


On behalf of Alyssa and me… thank you for making this work.


Bill Connell



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