Plays Across the Walls - November 19

SUNY Potsdam

 Production Staff 

Crew Members  
Production Manager  
Miriam Rosenberg  
Producer, Director of "Broken Shells", "A Play About Flags", "The Eyez in the Walls", "Straight Up Superhero"  
Rivka Rocchio  
Director of "The Great Retreat", "An Exchange of Shrouded Vows", "The Quintessence of Dust"  
Dalton Cross  
Director of "Not What It's Supposed To Be"  
Jason Francey  
Director of "Bells & Whistles"  
James Gillick  
Director of "Frayed"  
Riley Keyser  
Director of "The Pulse of Eden", "Lost"  
Jordan Quiles  
Director of "Love and Dandelions in the Time of Coronavirus", "The Cage Which Holds A Heart", "Devil In Disguise"  
Josh Wilson  
Stage Manager  
Aysha Benjamin  
Stage Manager  
Maddie James  
Stage Manager  
Christina Pace  
Stage Manager  
I'tik Phillips  
Audience Engagement Strategist  
Janine Grim  
Audience Engagement Strategist  
Aaliyah Caballero Cortez  
Audience Engagement Strategist  
Drew Gates  
Doyle Dean  
Facilities Manager  
Tom Grabowski  


Special thanks to:


Meghan A. Stever

Vanessa N. Vaverchak

Todd P. Canedy

Jay Pecora

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