About One flea spare 


We're proud to announce the launch of the Remote Theater Company -- a project born during shelter in place -- with the mission of supporting theater and musical artists world the world.


Our first production on May 9, a live virtual reading of Naomi Wallace's award-winning play ONE FLEA SPARE which mixes dark comedy and drama to tell the more relevant-than ever story of The Great Plague of London (1665-66). The reading will feature renowned actors in stage and screen throughout North America, using technology adapted for live performances where each actor is remote.


The year is 1665 AD.


England has just endured decades of civil war and strife. Charles II has just been restored to the throne; upsetting the radical fervor gripping London. The capital was already a cauldron of bitterness, strife, and poverty. Into this world entered the Great Plague of 1665. Taking advantage of the crowded neighborhoods and impoverished boroughs, the disease spreads like wildfire. By the year's end, faith in the Monarchy had been shattered, almost 20% of the city had perished, and London was gripped by fear. London would never be the same.

— Alan Cameron

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