Legally Blonde The Musical - January 09 - January 11, 2020

Sandra Day O'Connor High School


Crew Members  
Stage Manager  
Lillian Land**  
Assistant Stage Manager  
Viviana Velazquez  
Assistant Stage Manager  
Ryan Eskridge  
Assistant Director  
Chloe Lombrana*  
Assistant Director  
Emaliegh Gonzalez*  
Assistant Technical Director  
Thomas Reddell*  
Lighting Designer  
Eian McKeel*  
Master Electrician  
Conner Ballenger  
Technical Director/Sound Design  
Guillermo Deleon  
Costume Designer  
Hannah Barton*  
Assistant Costume Designer  
Mia Castaneda*  
Costume Shop Manager  
Maribella Cortez  
Costume Crew  
Robert Eskridge*  
Laundry Room/ Shop Manager  
Ethan Franklin  
Scenic Designer  
Stephen Poer  
Assistant Scenic Designer  
Hallie Appelt  
Assistant Scenic Designer  
Brandon Blake  
Crew Chief  
Aidan Gomez  
Hair and Makeup  
Maddie Glauser*  
Hair Supervisor  
Ryan Deleon*  
Prop Master and Design  
Mae Eiler  
Running Crew  
Will Cox, Jack Rogalinski, Christian Nicholson, Julia Flores, Ariel Pedraza

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