Alice In Wonderland - June 01 - June 03, 2023

School of the Arts


From the Director: Many thanks to Rick Rizzo for making my vision a reality and not laughing at me (too much).  Also a HUGE thanks to Ryan, Rachel & Joey for being so helpful during these last few weeks!


Special thanks to our administrators: Kelly Nicastro, Mario Belculfine, Alan Tirre, Rick Rouche


Concessions Coordinator: Janine Rella


Box Office Associates: Adrian Mohr & Sasha Ruth


Carol DeBellis


Spotlight Theatre Arts


Drama and Tech Staff:Rick Rizzo, George Comes, Diane Spacher, Brian Gallagher, Ken Canfield, Ed Myers, Zach Bellucci


Photographers: Susan Rudy & the photography class; Kevin Spacher


All the families who helped with feeding our cast and crew.


SOTA Custodial Staff


SOTA Security staff


SOTA wishes to extend a special thanks to ALL the students, families, administration, faculty and staff who supported this production in too many ways to mention.


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