The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza - December 03 - December 06, 2020

Shenandoah Valley Governor's School


Cast Members  
Narrator 1  
Samantha Mundy  
Narrator 2  
Henry Fosnocht  
Narrator 3  
Addison Midkiff  
Chronos, Jason  
Benjamin Strassler  
Rhea and others  
Josanna Henry  
Uranus, Pollux, Menaleus  
Virginia Browning  
Therapist and others  
Sydney Bowles  
Zeus, Medea  
Addison Obaugh  
Man, Apollo  
Andrew Hostetter  
Aphrodite and others  
Caitie Spielman  
Pandora and others  
Olivia Nargi  
Helen of Troy and others  
Emma Garletts  
Hercules, Eurydice  
Emmeline Soyars  
Trinity Walker  
Atalanta and others  
Rey Bandy  
Castor, Paris  
Carter Bussey  
Hades, Zombie  
Ryland Oakes  
Athena, Charon, and others  
Christina Lam  
Hera, Advisor, and others  
Victoria Lambert  
Production / Creative  
Costume Designers  
Emmeline Soyars, Trinity Walker
Graphic Design  
Madison Helmick  
Social Media  
Victoria Lambert, Addison Midkiff, Olivia Nargi, Ben Strassler, Trinity Walker
Video Editing  
Cassy Maxton-Whitacre
Andrew Hostetter
Camera Operators  
Taylor Conner, Jacob Hostetter

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