First Drafts - May 21

Sheridan College





Director: Mary Francis Moore*
Choreographer: Esie Mensah


Set Design: Rachel Forbes
Costume Design: David Juby
Sound Design: Anna Grant
Lighting Coordinator: Gil Ruston
Associate Director: Danik McAfee
Associate Choreographer: Miranda Liverpool
Associate Music Director: Yvonne Choi
Copyist: Adam Sakiyama 
Dramaturgs: Wallis Caldoza & Jordan Laffrenier






To Ronnie, With Love Director: Vanessa Sears*
To Ronnie, With Love Music Director: Sean Mayes
To Ronnie, With Love Production Consultant: Ray Hogg








*The participation of these Artists are arranged by permission of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association under the provisions of the Dance-Opera-Theatre Policy.

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