Frozen Jr. - November 08 - November 09, 2019

Smith-Cotton Junior High


The cast and crew of Frozen Jr. would like to

extend a special thank you to the following groups:


Kevin, Jo, and Marie Lim

Rylan and Amber Swank

Levi Hudnut

Chris Gray

Ellen Styles

Marjorie Powell

Denise Dinville

Tom and Diane Eschbacher

Ed Baldinger

Josie McKellips

Ashley Wendt


SCJH Custodial Staff

SCJH Administration

Cast and Crew Parents and Families


Interstate Studios

Josie McKellips Photography

Spencer Ortodontics

Finders Keepers

Specialty Sportswear



A note from the director:


I want to extend a special thank you to anyone and everyone who spent any time assisting with this production. I had a ton of help from so many people, from costumes to sets to monitoring students, it would be impossible to list everyone.


Frozen is a very significant story to me. I have one little sister, and the story of sisterly love has a special place in my heart. The students on the cast and crew of Frozen Jr. have done an excellent job bringing this adventure to life. I hope that you enjoy this production and appreciate all of the hard work that these students have done.


Some people are worth melting for,


Miss Casey Lim

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