Disney's 101 Dalmatians KIDS - October 11 - October 12, 2019

Snow Productions, Inc.




Thank you Jesus Christ, first and foremost, for the gifts and abilities you have given to use for your glory.


  • Thank you to the Board of Directors for your vision and countless volunteer hours to see this program succeed.
  • Thank you to Byron Marshall and Ogden Baptist Church for your flexibility and openness in the use of your wonderful facility.
  • Thank you to the leaders of the committees and the parents and volunteers who assisted, thank you for all your hard work and dedication on this production.
  • Thank you parents and families for trusting us to mold and develop your children’s abilities that have been given to them from the Lord.
  • Thank you Chris Kuhne for making arrangements for sound.
  • Thank you Cindy Clayter, Kristen Ludwig, Courtney Phillips, Heather Sandusky and Jordan Phillips for organizing tech week meals. You all are awesome!
  • Thank you Chili’s for providing dinner for the cast and crew.
  • Thank You Michelle Dietz and The Logo Shoppe for ALWAYS making us look good with show TSHIRTS.
  • Thank You Wes Rose and CFCI for the use of stage.





Sets Manager-Bryan Ford, Tom Toby

Sets Artistic Manager-Brittany Wilson, Sarah Beakes

Costumes Manager-Christy Lanier, Megan Hall

Props Manager-Christy Lanier, Megan Hall

Makeup Manager-Sarah Beakes

Marketing Team-Michelle Hackman, Kaitlyn Ley

Financials/Tickets/Playbill-Lisa Peck

Sound Manager-Sarah Beakes, Michelle Hackman






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