The Producers - May 10 - May 12, 2019

Somerset Berkley Regional High School Drama Department


Crew Members  
Producer, Technical Director, Pit Orchestra Director  
Mr. David M. Marshall  
Co-Director, Vocal Director  
Mr. Samuel M. Bianco  
Co-Director, Choreographer  
Mrs. Loralee Levesque  
Lighting Design  
Mr. David M. Marshall, Sarah E. Marshall
Stage Manager  
Caitlyn Oliveira  
Assistant Technical Director, Lighting Board Operator  
Sarah E. Marshall  
Production Secretary  
Sarah Hall  
Production Secretary  
Jennifer Jeanmarie  
Soundboard Operator  
Mr. Brian Johnson  
Spotlight Operators  
Sidney Wood, Riley Pizzi
Light & Sound Technicians  
Kaitlyn Belanger, Joel Marcucilli, Kyle Gauthier
Prop & Stage Crew Supervisor  
AJ Nascimento
Stage & Prop Crew  
Nate Albernaz, Abbey Botelho, Ariana Escobar, Madison Frank, Jonathan Oehmen, Alison Perry
Costume Crew  
Mrs. Theresa Abrams, Mrs. Denise Edwards, Mrs. Michelle Oehmen, Victoria Andrade
Make-Up Crew  
Miss Taiylor Medina, Kaitlyn Belanger, Heavenlee Medina
Program Design  
Mr. David M. Marshall  
Mr. David M. Marshall, Mrs. Carrie A. Marshall, Mrs. Tina Rausch, and the Somerset Friends of Music
Publicity Poster Design  
Mr. David M. Marshall  
Poster, Playbill Cover & T-Shirt Production  
Amy King - King Design
Production Billboards  
Mallard Printing
Set Design  
Mr. David M. Marshall  

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