The Addams Family - May 03 - May 04, 2018

South Cobb High School

 Who's Who 

  • Charles Foster

    as Gomez

    Charles is a 17 year old sophomore at SCHS that that tries hard to be as useful as he can. He’s athletic, is in band, is also in DRAMA club, great sense of humor and has common sense. He also tries to be friends with everyone he can. He’s also very grateful that he is able to show his acting skills to lots of people (and now has a good reason to try to get good at singing).

  • DeAnthony Morris

    as Gomez

    DeAnthony is a multi-talented sophomore who can sing, dance, and act. As he gets older, he wants to be a professional choreographer and singer on tour, and just live his life to the fullest. He is funny and lovable when he wants to be. He is going to make people's dreams come true because of his courage and braveness.

  • Kalynn Hicks

    as Morticia

    Kalynn is a graduating Senior at SCHS. She has participated in the Concert Orchestra and theatre program for four years. The Addams Family will be her first musical, and she plans to make the most of it for her final year! After graduation she is attending Ga State University. She would like to thank her family and friends for supporting her through everything.

  • Jennifer Ventura

    as Morticia


    Jennifer is a junior with a passion for acting and singing. With her enthusiasm for acting, she plans to pursue it in college. She has been in the SCHS Choir for 3 years and is very committed to her work. Her talent will inevitably get her far in life, and all thanks to the unconditional love and support from her family , she will excel.

  • Ricia Cooks

    as Wednesday

    Ricia is a graduating Senior at SCHS who is a hard-working AP Honor Student. This is her first musical, and she has been in Chorus for 8 years. She thanks her mother and father and other family members for supporting her in everything she does. She also would like to thank Ms. Smiley and Mrs. Warren for giving her this opportunity and making everything possible. 

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