Puffs: Young Wizards Edition - November 18 - November 20, 2021

South County High School


Crew Members  
Kathie McCormally  
Assistant Directors  
Jair Anderson, Emmie Caplan, Zibby English
Stage Manager  
Dominique Monette  
Assistant Stage Manager  
Matthew Walsh  
Molly Rumberger  
Sound Leads  
Phil Gigrich, Steven Gigrich, Sarah Khalil
Sound Crew  
Carson Ayon, Leah Lewis, Ahmon Nawabi, Drew Shaw
Lighting Lead  
Sarah Khalil  
Lighting Crew  
Niyat Asefaw, Carson Ayon, Jerry Brown, Steven Gigrich, Phil Gigrich, Courtney Harrison, Leah Lewis, Connor Matier, Dominique Monette, Ahmon Nawabi, Drew Shaw, Aiden Williams
Prop Leads  
Emma Skog and Dominique Monette
Props Crew  
Aves Adams, Eric Bach, Jerry Brown, Parker Bryant, Kyra Charters, Kyle Garcia-Edinger, Lauren Gear, Adrian Jin, Madeline Madamba, Javier Quiroz-Rubi, Lana Wagner, Matthew Walsh, Talia Williams
Publicity and Marketing Leads  
Emily DiGiulian and Megan Haight
Publicity and Marketing Crew  
Aves Adams, Jerry Brown, Kylie Charters, Mary Crouse, Lauren Gear, Sophia Uriostegui
Hair and Makeup Leads  
Kaylin McCants, Cameron Fisher, and Lehem Mamo
Hair and Makeup Crew Leads  
Jair Anderson, Caprice Aspland
Eric Bach, Kylie Charters, Daniel Chong, Amilia Cobba, Jasmine Dawson, Courtney Harrison, Cyairra Jackson, Sedey Jahar, Shennel Jolly, Tsion Mesfin, Ruth Solomon
Costume Lead  
Meredith Zeigler  
Costume Crew  
Mackenzie Aspland, Jerry Brown, Aeryn Dahm, Kyle Garcia-Edinger, Oliver Iturralde,Jasmine Menjivar
Rebecca Stroh
Set Designer  
Kathie McCormally  

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