Seussical - March 24 - March 26, 2023

South Effingham High School


Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!  
Cat in the Hat, Boy, Horton, Mr. Mayor, Mrs. Mayor, Gertrude, Mayzie, Sour Kangaroo, Schmitz, Bird Girls, Wickersham Brothers
Horton Hears a Who  
Horton, Bird Girls, Citizens of the Jungle
Biggest Blame Fool  
Sour Kangaroo, Bird Girls, Wickershams, Gertrude, Mayzie, Citizens of Nool, Cat, Jojo
Here On Who  
Mr. Mayor, Mrs. Mayor, Whos, Grinch, Horton
It's Possible  
Jojo, Cat, Fish
How to Raise a Child  
Mrs. Mayor, Mr. Mayor
The Military  
Schmitz, Cadets, Cat
Alone in the Universe  
Horton, Jojo
The One Feather Tail of Miss Gertrude McFuzz  
Gertrude, Cat
Amayzing Mayzie  
Mayzie, Gertrude, Bird Girls, Guitarists
Amayzing Gertrude  
Gertrude, Bird Girls, Cat
Monkey Around  
Chasing the Whos  
Sour Kangaroo, Bird Girls, Wickershams, Cat, Horton, Whos, Citizens of Jungle
How Lucky You Are  
How Lucky You Are (Mayzie's Reprise)  
Horton Sits On The Egg/ Act 1 Finale  
Horton, Gertrude, Cat, Jojo, Whos, Bird Girls, Ensemble
Egg, Nest, & Tree  
Sour Kangaroo, Bird Girls, Wickersham, Ensemble
The Circus McGurkus  
Cat, Circus Performers
The Circus on Tour  
Horton, Cat, Circus Performers
Mayzie in Palm Beach  
Mayzie, Cat

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